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Terms & Conditions for Tenants

1. In fulfillment of the contract, the client shall receive offers from providers of living accommodation of which the client has no previous knowledge. The information can be provided verbally or in written form and there is NO COMMISSION due in case of a successfull rental agreement. Despite all due care, no liability can be accepted for accuracy and completeness.

2. The offers are confidential and intended only for the client/s. The permission of is required to pass these on to third parties. Should the client have prior knowledge of an offer, is to be informed of this immediately naming the source.

3. Should a lease be concluded (verbally/in writing) for one of the properties made known by or with a provider of housing made known by, is to be informed of this immediately. If, as a result of the offer, instead of the originally intended transaction, another or an additional transaction is concluded and if had pointed out the possibility of concluding this transaction or acted as an agent for it, then is is to be informed of this immediately as well.

4. The information provided is to be stored in line with the provisions of data protection law taking account of taxation law and accounting obligations and the judgment of the highest court on the commission claim. The information is not to be passed on or sold for advertising purposes.

5. The law of the Federal Republic of Germany, excluding the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG), is applicable. Amendments and supplements must be made in written form. This also applies to any waiver of the requirement for written form. There are no verbal agreements to this contract. To the extent that the client is acting as or on behalf of a merchant, the agreed jurisdiction shall be Munich. Should one of these provisions be or become invalid, this shall not affect the remainder of the provisions.