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Technical Service

Small & large repairs, ongoing maintenance and landlord service! We coordinate and provide support with our technical service team: Whether minor repairs, ongoing maintenance or a major damages - we can provide excellence service to solve all critical issues with your properties.

Our technical service will support you!

Many of our customers are aware, that we do not only act as a "broker", for example to provide an apartment and thus complete the process. But that we are also available in case of problems during the rental period. Very often we are experiencing language barriers that impede an understanding between the tenant and the landlord.

Small and large repairs

Devices or appliances do not work anymore , flushing the toilet is leaking , dripping faucets, moisture and mold spreading, damaged equipment , floors, walls, windows and doors, etc. We take care of quickly and with a smooth operation: whether minor repairs or remedy of a large damage - we will get the job done by our professional service team which works themselves or will organize external specialists. Your advantage: You have us as a single point of contact . We work on demand along with experienced craftsmen that provide reliable services at a fair price with very good performance. The work is competently coordinated and monitored by us on your behalf.

Maintenance and landlord service

We can take care of continuous maintenance as well as only the replacement of defective parts for you. Of course, we can also organize technical services of third parties for the repair of large household appliances and take care of these appointments.

Our technical service team is ready for you and the following requests: 

  • Lighting
  • Plumbing and heating
  • Furniture, windows and doors
  • House Electrical and Appliances
  • Consumer electronics
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Remodeling and renovation
  • Replacement or addition of furniture, furnishings

This way we can address all critical issues and contribute to a smooth tenancy and also support such landlords who can not take care of their property on site.