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Construction Monitoring

We provide construction supervision of modernization and rehabilitation work for clients as a service from a single source. To the advice on the intended project, and the planning, procurement, coordination, monitoring, testing, acceptance and settlement belongs to the necessary construction work and the accompanying measures, individually or as a whole.

Who wants to save on his project as a builder time and effort and spare his nerves, is always well advised to hire a professional construction management. Depending on the size of the construction project and the personal preferences this job can be outsourced to a construction supervisor, as a specialized company. Usually the building supervisor provides no architectural services, but takes care of the preparation and execution of the third party construction works in the name and on behalf of the client.

In individual cases, we assume the following tasks as a construction supervisor for the client: 

  • Preparation and presentation of the approval documents
  • Negotiation and agreement with the contractors
  • Tendering and contracting of works
  • Site Management
  • Approval of service on behalf of the client
  • Participation in the official inspection
  • payment of the involved constructors
  • settlement of warranty claims and claim management

With every modernization and renovation numerous legislative and regulatory requirements must be observed. Therefore also for smaller projects it is recommended to engage our professional specialists with proven references: 

  • refurbishment Commercial Property
  • converting commercial properties into living room
  • refurbishment apartment
  • refurbishment 2-room apartment

As we execute regular construction projects as construction supervisor in the name and for our clients, we can provide a registration license from the local authority, according to the German industrial code. All required application forms for permits are compiled by our original authorized partners (architects and engineers).